Healing Patients. Healing Families. Healing Lives.Though not every scar can be removed, it is our goal to give our patients back their lives.

Burn and Reconstructive Centers of Florida, Inc., is dedicated to providing comprehensive burn and wound treatment to patients Prior to their arrival at our facility. This continuum of care for patients of all ages - from initial injury through reconstruction - can continue through their entire lifetime.

It is our approach, knowledge and expertise that sets us apart from other burn care practices. We are committed to providing prompt acute burn care to patients, which is evident in the 24-7 availability of a dedicated burn operating room. This removes the need for our patients to "compete" for operating room space and helps decrease the risk of infection and other complications associated with delayed excision.

It is significant that we treat patients of all ages under one roof. Why? If an entire family - or even more than one family member - is involved in a burn incident, they are treated at the same facility, which helps decrease the stress on the family and offers a central location for supporters to gather. For our youngest burn patients, we utilize pediatric burn intensivists to improve their chances of survival and minimize complications.

Our training also sets us apart. Our surgeons practice the latest and most-effective burn treatment techniques to help ensure quality outcomes for the initial acute treatment of burn injuries. For long-term reconstructive care, our surgeons have also received advanced training in plastic reconstruction, which allows for early inclusion of reconstruction practices to ensure optimal function and possibly avoid future reconstruction of the restrictive scars. We bolster this training with the 24/7 direct connection to the expertise of the staff at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, GA, the nation's largest and most experienced burn center. Their knowledge base cannot be duplicated anywhere else in the United States. We also have a strong educational connection with the JMS Research Foundation, which focuses solely on treatments to improve the outcome of burn victims, while providing early institution of revolutionizing therapies.

Through our vast experience with burn and wound care, we have also developed an expertise in skin disorders including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, necrotizing fasciitis, and others.



The average age for a burn victim is 32 years old.

Seventy percent of the time, the burn victim is male.

Fires occur in the home 72% of the time.       

Burns are the second leading cause of accidental death in children.

The most common cause of burns in adults is fire.

The most common cause of burns in children is scalds.

Nationally, 43% of all burns are caused by fire or flame, 34% are scalds, 4% are electrical and 3% are chemical.

There are an estimated 450,000 burn injuries each year, with about 10 percent of those burns requiring hospitalization. 

Approximately 3,400 people die each year from burns.

The estimated annual cost for burn care is $7.5 billion.